Saturday, February 27, 2016

Download Slimjet v8.0.1.0 x64 / x86 - Slim Jet browser software

For hassle-free web browsing and viewing various websites in the vast world of the Internet as a reliable browser to a Mac to easily access all the content available on the Internet.

  Slimjet powerful browser that helps you become much easier, faster and safer than ever dealt surf the Internet, watch the video, listen to music located on the Internet and files your favorite upload / download not. The browser is based on Chromium engine is built and features of Google Chrome browser, while the addition of more advanced capabilities innovative features included in your Chromium and where that unlike Google's Chrome browser has no data to write not the most advanced anti-tracking technology (anti-tracking) to thwart various attempts to invade user privacy, benefits, security and privacy of users of Google Chrome is ranked higher. Slimjet has provided a way for users less time to write long URL addresses waste and instead of writing full address each time you visit a page, just by typing part of the address (word or part of the link) it is access.
A key feature of browser Slimjet: - Fill Smart Forms - Customizable toolbar - The Mac's ease of integration with Facebook - Download videos from YouTube to MP4 and MP3 - Automatically convert downloaded video files to mp3 - Upload and upload photos up to 20 times faster - Apply effects and frames for photos on the browser up just before the Upload - View weather conditions and weather forecast directly in the browser window - Translate web pages (Web Page Translation) - Customize Settings - And ....
Slimjet Screenshot 1 Slimjet Screenshot 2 Slimjet Screenshot 3

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