VueMinder Ultimate software is to provide a window reminders, warnings desktop and reminders viaemail or SMS you a Mac that you get to control your time and never miss a deadline. With this calendar, 

you can quickly, tasks, appointments and notes on a calendar with transparent look exactly the desktopWindows takes you access. Share calendars and reminders in your home, workplace or through other online features of the VueMinder Calendar. Auto Sync with Google Calendar and Outlook, print calendars in different styles and interface layout and graphics of the beautiful features of the software.
A key feature of the software VueMinder Ultimate:
- View and update schedules directly on the desktop in Windows using the calendar with transparent appearance
- Create reminders include information describing events, photos , video, music or web
- Send automated reminders to friends, family or the Mac patients through email or short message (SMS)
- Share calendars and reminders online or through a network of local (Local)
- Collaborate with several people share a calendar
- Organize the appearance of interface graphics software
- Import events, tasks and notes from Excel or on Excel and save them in various formats
- Flexible options Calendar
- Calendar integration with the Windows desktop
- Manipulate and customize the appearance of the application
- Post calendars, events and appointments via e-mail
- Manage Contacts
- Support for multiple windows
- And ...