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Download OriginPro 2016 SR1 b9.3.1.273 - professional custom software statistics charts

OriginPro software is powerful and has the Mac Full animals for scientific data analysis. In fact, Origin Pro is a tool that processing mathematical and statistical functions, as well as graphs of these functions are well developed in a specialized software tools or software mathematics and visualization of data, performs. 

Microlab Origin can be known software packages such as MathCAD and Mathematica to compete. The standard software in many research labs have been considered. OriginPro integration operations in data collection systems such as LabView, DasyLab, LabWindows is done and it can be a complete replacement for Excel functions and capabilities.
OriginPro software application that is easy using the Mac possibilities for analysis and dissemination of data and drawing diagrams to create a quality program is for scientists and engineers. Origin unique features such as Peak-analysis capabilities Curve-fitting, over 60 customizable graph types and forms of analysis in the context of an integrated work environment provides for you. OriginPro all the features of Origin, plus additional features such as several non-parametric test, repeated measures ANOVA, peak fitting, surface fitting 3D, image processing and signal processing to offer.

Key Features OriginPro:
- The ratio of the length, width, height or matrix data for charts or Worksheet
- Determine the peak or multiple peaks at different levels
- Proportional to the peak or couriers
- Ability to enter the formula, text and explanation
- Batch processing with summary reports analyzed using Templates
- Analysis of multiple data sets with themes courier hands
- Quick fit multiple data sets with themes hands
- The Favorites folder in the Project Explorer 
- Slide-Show charts in each folder 
- Share files using user files folder between multiple computers 
- Improved File Transfer Dialog for user updates 
- Theme support for Worksheets and Matrix Sheets 
- Theme support to save the settings dialog 
- Reset the calculation results based on parameters or data has changed 
- Analysis of the Report Sheets Custom Templates 
- Consolidated reports with tables Collapsible 
- Sharing files using a folder 
- Auto-save projects for temporary files 
- Theme support for graphs 
- Import Filter Wizard for duplicate entries of the same data 
- Batch print Worksheets, Charts and Layout Windows Selected 

OriginPro is a software application for data analysis and publication-quality graphing, tailored to the needs of scientists and engineers. The application offers an easy-to-use interface for beginners, and the ability for advanced users to customize analysis and graphing tasks using themes, templates, custom reports, batch processing and programming.
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required system

- Microsoft Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10
- 2.4 GHz or higher Pentium-compatible processor 

- 1 GB of RAM
- 2.0 GB of free hard disk space
- DVD drive (if installing from DVD)
- To use HTML Help, Internet Explorer 4.01 or later required
Manufacturer: Originlab Corporation 
Price: 1525 America dollars (just for information) 
File size: 813 MB 
Release Date: 09:55 - 94/11/1 
Source: PC Download 
User Rating: 

Installation guide

1. Download and unzip the software.
2. Install the program GF3S4-9089-7991320 series.
3. Do not run after installation.
4. Patch folder and file Patch.exe run with Administrator access.
5. Patch the program.
6. The software can be used without any restrictions.

- This program is installed on Windows 10 as well.
- Featuring both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
- Patch placed for both works.
- All files are compressed as much as possible and are able to repair the program WinRAR.