Saturday, February 27, 2016

Download Slimjet v8.0.1.0 x64 / x86 - Slim Jet browser software

For hassle-free web browsing and viewing various websites in the vast world of the Internet as a reliable browser to a Mac to easily access all the content available on the Internet.

  Slimjet powerful browser that helps you become much easier, faster and safer than ever dealt surf the Internet, watch the video, listen to music located on the Internet and files your favorite upload / download not. The browser is based on Chromium engine is built and features of Google Chrome browser, while the addition of more advanced capabilities innovative features included in your Chromium and where that unlike Google's Chrome browser has no data to write not the most advanced anti-tracking technology (anti-tracking) to thwart various attempts to invade user privacy, benefits, security and privacy of users of Google Chrome is ranked higher. Slimjet has provided a way for users less time to write long URL addresses waste and instead of writing full address each time you visit a page, just by typing part of the address (word or part of the link) it is access.
A key feature of browser Slimjet: - Fill Smart Forms - Customizable toolbar - The Mac's ease of integration with Facebook - Download videos from YouTube to MP4 and MP3 - Automatically convert downloaded video files to mp3 - Upload and upload photos up to 20 times faster - Apply effects and frames for photos on the browser up just before the Upload - View weather conditions and weather forecast directly in the browser window - Translate web pages (Web Page Translation) - Customize Settings - And ....
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Download F.lux v3.10 - The application adjusts the screen brightness and contrast according to the hours of the day

f.lux a lightweight and simple program that is used to automatically adjust the exposure and color of your computer screen to daylight / night presented. 

f.lux in a way that made ​​based on the time it works and to better regulate it can suck your geographic it manually and carefully to choose from. F.lux your system to the exact time and amount of sunlight at the time, the brightness and color monitors do not have time to set up the contrast on your monitor on the set when working in the highest level of during the night it down. Of course, the option of "Do not enable the software for an hour" will allow the user to color-sensitive work / Contrast to do.
The app also features a Movie Mode to display a color and shadow detail.
A key feature of the software F.lux: - Automatic adjustment of light intensity and brightness of the monitor - Change the screen brightness based on time - Setting the clock on the Mac the geographical - Change contrast Manyvr accordance with the Day / Night - No need for sensors - Light on the run - Movie Mode mode to display a color and shadow detail. - Deactivate the software for a limited period - And ...
f.lux is a simple and easy to use application developed in order to provide you with the means of automatically adapting your desktop brightness and colors to the night / day lighting conditions. This utility functions best when it knows your location details, as such it is recommended that you enter your geographical position, so f.lux can calculate the precise time of day and render the appropriate light tones. This is also advisable because the program has a hard time guessing your location.
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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Download Thermoflow v21.0 - Software Engineering and cogeneration thermal power industry

Thermoflow set of software to meet the users in different industries to provide power makes no difference whether you are a developer, consultant, engineering companies, equipment manufacturers, plant operator or owner, however, can Software Engineer you need to find in this collection. The programs in this package can include all the process plant design, simulation, design, preliminary engineering and cost estimates do easily. This collection includes three software application for simulating and analyzing gas turbine combined cycle and cogeneration applications is also set to calculate efficiency projects in various environmental conditions such as changes in the equipment and provide Demolition Are. It also plans to design and analysis of the thermal balance and thermal systems as well as gas turbine combined cycle gas turbine systems, conventional steam and steam systems available to engineers and puts users.
A key feature of the software Thermoflow:
- Full set of more than 6 applications
- Design and analysis systems for steam and gas turbines
- Multi-level simulation with estimates project costs
- And ...
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Friday, February 5, 2016

Download GOM Player v2.2.77 Build 5240 - Player audio and video files

Many apps for music and video on the PC that one player is based on expectations of a program, a program according to your tastes and uses.

 Usually, most programs of this kind of Mac animals offer that meets the needs of beginners and intermediate times, but when it comes to advanced features along with the easy availability and also retains the simplicity of the interface is , some programs remain competitive.
Software GOM Player is one of the programs that aims to wide range of users from beginners to professionals cover. The player lightweight almost all popular formats of audio and video files under the covers, without being worried about any of the formats are installed to broadcast several programs. 
A key feature of the software GOM Player:
- Internal codec installed and does not require users to install codec separately
- Play most formats, even swf
- Ability to view video FullScreen Stretched drawn (Wide) is easier
- Adjust the brightness and contrast of the video during playback
- Adjust the speed of playback
- Apply different filters to video for RealTime including Blur, Noise Reduction, etc.
- The Mac 's Capture, take pla playing video
- Play List is a powerful and flexible
- Subtitle display with the possibility of regulating different aspects of drama
- Ability to Zoom and Pan
- Interchangeable skins
- And...

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Download DriverEasy Professional v4.9.13 - recognition software, download and update drivers

If you're one of the users who frequently need to switch windows and re-install your system after installing Windows drivers are tired or have lost one of the drivers for your system, you can use thesoftware DriverEasy Pro solve your problem. 

DriverEasy Pro software to a Mac that drivers installed on your system backup and thus from then on, after switching windows, using the drivers installed on your system. It is also a powerful and useful software to download and update computer drivers. Karbrdyst simple software that can be missing hardware drivers through the Internet to find and download them. Just let the software scan your system once all the drivers installed on your system and then identify the driver that you want to download and install the latest update available. You can also save the downloaded driver in another location and then use it. It also displays detailed information of the hardware such as card graphics , sound card, memory, and motherboard are other features of this application.
A key feature of the software DriverEasy:
- Find the missing drivers and install them via the Internet
- The Mac 's storage driver files downloaded from the Internet and use it again
- Update installed hardware systems to increase their efficiency
- Identify the hardware components installed on the system
- The ability to detect hidden parts
- Fast performance in Internet search and find components connected to the system
- The ability to identify the components connected to the system
- Ability to backup and restore their installed components (backup and restore)
- Ability to delete (uninstall) the drivers installed
- Compatible with different versions of Windows
- And ...