Glary Utilities Pro is a set of system tools for stability, speed up, maintain and protect your system.This program allows you to clean common system junk files, invalid registry entries and traces left by the Vbgrdyhay you. 

With this software you can also manage and delete browser add-ons, analyze disk space usage and identify duplicate files on your system. Furthermore, this application has items to optimize memory, find, fix, or remove broken shortcuts for Windows , manage the programs that start at Windows startup and uninstall software is provided.
Key features of Pro Glary Utilities Pro:
- A perfect tool to optimize, repair, and speed up the system.
- The ability to optimize the system automatically Auto Care.
- Ability to update software and information systems of new applications.
- Ability to display the boot-up time compared with the global average.
- Ability to exclude additional files during system shutdown Windows .
- Ability to optimize systems with a single click and automatically.
- Ability to schedule automatic updates.
- Lightweight, compact and has a nice user interface.
- Support for all versions of Windows.

The introduction of the proposed tools available in the software Glary Utilities Pro:
The software tools and a wide range of Mac animals is surface, here we introduce only the tools that they offer and the other parts of the software program specialized in the field usually is not used.

- The Windows Registry Cleaner:
Ability to clean and repair the Windows registry is not a new feature found in most software maker similarly, but the point is that this program apart is that the first search and analysis of the registry, critical Windows application keys into the Ignore List This key does not allow under any circumstances be modified to avoid serious damage to the system.

- The Windows Registry Defragment:
Full restoration of the structure of the registry optimizer other popular tools in the internet , the distinguishing feature is that it's the safest way to do this at startup and always backs up.

- Ability to Encrypt files:
Files encrypted on one of the nice features of the program that makes up the security of your information and anyone unable to access the encrypted file.

- Ability to Split files:
This feature is used when you want to split a large file into several pieces without a hitch, rated this program compared to other programs in the speed division files, the program can quickly split large files or a fabric of the building.

- Ability Software update:
It is software installed on the system and check if the release of the new version you informed each of them and a link to download it gives.

Important notes about some of the tools of the program:
- Means "delete empty folders" and "delete duplicate files" is extremely dangerous and not recommended.
Using these capabilities, regardless of the system often causes damage to disassemble window, if you really want to use this feature, you should carefully check the individual reports to the file system would not suffer.

- Unload too much RAM space by the «Free up memory» damage to windows and delete temporary files is important, offered more than the recommended amount of RAM space is not empty.

- Never programs that do not recognize the «Startup Manager» Do not disabled, Windows may be experiencing major problems.

- Never drive with these programs do not integrate operations and instead use specialized tools for the job.

- Use Windows Driver management tool in this program is not recommended, instead of the more advanced tools and better.

- Using the "Remove Programs" it is not recommended because of poor practices and instead take advantage of the tools for the job.

- Using the "anti-malware" program rather than anti-viruses do not commonly used in the market.