f.lux a lightweight and simple program that is used to automatically adjust the exposure and color of your computer screen to daylight / night presented. 

f.lux in a way that made ​​based on the time it works and to better regulate it can suck your geographic it manually and carefully to choose from. F.lux your system to the exact time and amount of sunlight at the time, the brightness and color monitors do not have time to set up the contrast on your monitor on the set when working in the highest level of during the night it down. Of course, the option of "Do not enable the software for an hour" will allow the user to color-sensitive work / Contrast to do.
The app also features a Movie Mode to display a color and shadow detail.
A key feature of the software F.lux: - Automatic adjustment of light intensity and brightness of the monitor - Change the screen brightness based on time - Setting the clock on the Mac the geographical - Change contrast Manyvr accordance with the Day / Night - No need for sensors - Light on the run - Movie Mode mode to display a color and shadow detail. - Deactivate the software for a limited period - And ...