Thermoflow set of software to meet the users in different industries to provide power makes no difference whether you are a developer, consultant, engineering companies, equipment manufacturers, plant operator or owner, however, can Software Engineer you need to find in this collection. The programs in this package can include all the process plant design, simulation, design, preliminary engineering and cost estimates do easily. This collection includes three software application for simulating and analyzing gas turbine combined cycle and cogeneration applications is also set to calculate efficiency projects in various environmental conditions such as changes in the equipment and provide Demolition Are. It also plans to design and analysis of the thermal balance and thermal systems as well as gas turbine combined cycle gas turbine systems, conventional steam and steam systems available to engineers and puts users.
A key feature of the software Thermoflow:
- Full set of more than 6 applications
- Design and analysis systems for steam and gas turbines
- Multi-level simulation with estimates project costs
- And ...