Many apps for music and video on the PC that one player is based on expectations of a program, a program according to your tastes and uses.

 Usually, most programs of this kind of Mac animals offer that meets the needs of beginners and intermediate times, but when it comes to advanced features along with the easy availability and also retains the simplicity of the interface is , some programs remain competitive.
Software GOM Player is one of the programs that aims to wide range of users from beginners to professionals cover. The player lightweight almost all popular formats of audio and video files under the covers, without being worried about any of the formats are installed to broadcast several programs. 
A key feature of the software GOM Player:
- Internal codec installed and does not require users to install codec separately
- Play most formats, even swf
- Ability to view video FullScreen Stretched drawn (Wide) is easier
- Adjust the brightness and contrast of the video during playback
- Adjust the speed of playback
- Apply different filters to video for RealTime including Blur, Noise Reduction, etc.
- The Mac 's Capture, take pla playing video
- Play List is a powerful and flexible
- Subtitle display with the possibility of regulating different aspects of drama
- Ability to Zoom and Pan
- Interchangeable skins
- And...