The industrial welding processes require a high degree of quality and safety of welding products and accessories because it is directly related to consumer health and product quality.

 Correct design of the welding connection is essential for the quality of a process. It's designed for programming welding robots and many other items in the manufacturing process or assembly welding is required. Such as the correct clamping device, used welding processes and consumables that are directly related to the energy, manpower, materials and production costs directly related. Full define the geometry and shape of the welding must be such that in a serial and mass production with high precision and low error tolerance is applicable uniformly and regularly. Knowledge and awareness of the impact zone of heat, enabling professionals to the desired result and the quality of the welding seams according to their product quality. Application Simufact Welding complete answer to all the needs of professionals in the design and analysis of the welding process. 
A key feature of the software Simufact Welding:
- Observed before and after the welding process interface Graphic color
- Interactive graphical flow control for industrial welding robots and tools close
- Cross-sectional view for all welding processes, cross-sectional view of operations based on the time and piece
- Simultaneous display a progress bar to calculate and analyze
- Evaluation of the calculation results at the welding and weld design
- Check and care weld path
- Diagram measurement points to compare with the welding test
- And ...