Tekla Structures software, sometimes known brand XSTEEL, software and professional work of the very famous and very modern design and modeling of steel structures such as stadiums and massive concrete towers for civil engineers, structural and executive producers and creators maps of steel structures with a 3D model that is able to analyze and design the structures.

 This software environment while providing easy and proper use, this feature is that all the structural drawings with all details and information workshop full range maps automatically and without any manual drawing production. This application is known as the steel sector Xsteel that this part steel fittings for thorough planning and control, and finally draws.
Tekla Structures software is a powerful tool for use in the steel sector structural engineers and producers and manufacturers of steel structures, the executive plans for the following reasons on top of the most advanced software engineering group put. In fact, software, or X-STEEL TEKLA STRUCTURES softwarefor modeling industrial structures and construction is strong, and today a significant portion of these facilities around the world with this software model. Maps and installation, including output of the software that will link easily with the software AutoCAD. As well as project material list, tonnage and bolts used list of projects can be easily calculated. The software design framework, to enable users to evaluate the impact (clash) gives and reduces potential problems in installation. Tekla Structures modeling software for structural steel and concrete can be used to model the functionality of the programs and particularly structural steel bolts are fantastic. The software environment of Mac analytical model is created with the help of STAAD.
It is obvious that even the best designers of the structures in two-dimensional space, such as CAD software is always faced with administrative problems at work, let alone industrial applications such as refinery structures with different parts such as piping, equipment, Electrical and Instrumentation in parallel with the construction work. For example, supporters of the pipeline, the possibility that the cable trays and other equipment through the study of three-dimensional models, carefully and without administrative problems related to these issues will be solved.

A key feature of this software Tekla Structures:
- Create a model for steel and concrete structures built with all the details of the actual implementation
- Analysis and design of all structures for 3D models
- View details, such as the built-in computer with gaskets, bolts, Pkhha, plates
- Move the model and view it from different angles, you can scroll through it like an engineer supervisor.
- Ability to analyze and design structures in new versions
- Possibility of workshop plans for production and installation of automatic
- Offer a variety of reports and materials Lystvfr estimates for construction work, parts list for bolt length and ...
- Ability to split large projects into several parts to differentiate into several phases
- Ability to work on one project at a time to accelerate some projects
- Ability to communicate with other applications, such as transmission and data entry: Pdms, SAP2000, ETABS, Staadpro, Microstation and ...
- Transfer of data readable by various CNC machines
- See map sheets cutting to minimize waste in the workplace
- Providing an easy environment and proper use
- No need for any manual drawing
- Design of Steel to complete and accurate
- And ...