Today, simulation engineers and industrial products, often by groups of specific tools and programs with professional elements and large-scale modeling different components are carried out, and in between to get to be a model efficient layout The use of software for multiple can reduce costs and increase quality.Abaqus provides a set of tools for users is scalable to them regardless of their skills in simulation or worry the loss of your data in an integrated environment with the Mac that share data and work as a group, to a quite realistic simulation and modeling for them.
This software originally designed for use in nuclear power plants and drilling engineering because engineers in this sector a tool to study complex issues and nonlinear needed. Because the software is based on nonlinear problems like high ability to simulate real world. This application gives the user the ability to model complex phenomena, taking into account the effects are very subtle.
The software Abaqus in response to industrial needs for space simulation realistic to do easier things like modeling large deformation in two-dimensional and three-dimensional, providing extended functionality, virtualization usable, multi-physics and Mac Anik core and calculate the amount of time the device modeling, dynamic vibration, thermal bonding, is designed.
Abaqus FEM is a general-purpose high-level program to model the behavior of materials under external loads designed. Among the examples of simulations performed by Abaqus in different parts of the industry, will be non-linear analysis and assessment of the destruction of parts of a structure, optimize design by taking pressure buckling analysis, analysis of distribution of cracks in panels fuselage, rivets analysis, system simulation of steel sections and steel roller (rolling maill) to optimize the number of times and anticipated product features, create user-defined material subroutine to consider the non-linear response Nitinol medical Equipment Closed.
Abaqus / CAE environment for design and modeling, including (pre-processing) and display graphics of the results of the analysis.

A key feature of the software Abaqus:
- Solving the problems of static and dynamic
- Modeling large deformation in two-dimensional and three-dimensional
- A complete set of interconnected elements, Germany Plate, Shell, Beam and ...
- Ability to model the contact or collision
Books Home Advanced solid elastic material includes plastic, Fvmf concrete, soil, piezoelectric materials and ...
- Improve the quality and strength of the mesh
- Enhanced User Interface to control local mesh grading and density
- Contains a geometric editing tools to create a solid layer thin pieces for more efficient simulation
- Create complex geometric features and build engines with exhaust manifold, or window frames, aerospace structures
- Nonlinear Analysis and estimate the amount of damage a structure components
- Optimize the design with regard to the analysis of buckling under pressure
- Analysis of distribution of cracks in the fuselage panels
- Analysis of rivets
- Roller system simulation and hardware to optimize the production of steel sections and forecast the number of times the product specification
- And ...